Область Использования

In the transport of ground grains and other dust materials under vacuum, the product is separated from the air and enters the outlet. used for directing.

Особенности И Преимущества

  • Easy to change sieves, easy and simple checking. Each sieve passage can have two inlets to split the desired passage into two passages. The centrifugal force can be adjusted by setting the weights and this will allow a bigger or smaller turning orbital circle. They are used in plants with large sieving capacities. The sifter size will vary according to the capacity required. It is always possible to get better classification of products and maintain large capacities by making use of different sieve configurations. High sifting capacity can be obtained by using different frame heights and intermediate frames (spacers). In this way, below and above sifting paths can be adjusted. Effective sifting at high capacities. It is possible to increase 20 % sifting area by using special type sifter boxes. Each sifting cabin can accommodate up to 28 sieves. 30 sieves in Jumbo types The access doors are closed by a special pressure-clamping device provides proper and tight closing Square shaped sieves having an unchangable structure, are made of first quality stable wood and are completely covered with laminated plastic (Formica), More sifting area possibility by changing the sieve frames position in right angle Vertical and horizontal dividing possibility of sifting passag-es at any required level Easy cleaning and maintenance possibility Internally coated insulation panels to avoid condensation, if necessary,